The #Americart2019 Team



EFDLT Studio is an acclaimed NYC Visual artist and Filmmaker. She is famous for her large format, dark and personal photographies of the City printed on industrial tarps, and the cultural relevance of her work in a cosmopolitan city. She is an Indian-born French artist, who has lived in Paris and Shanghai and is living in Brooklyn, New York, since 2013.

“#Americart 2019 is a long and thoughtful project born after my first solo exhibition combined with my long life dream of making a road trip.
I haven’t been properly exposed to art during my young years. It took me years to consider myself as an artist. For many years I have been told of what art is, where to see it by educated people in art until I realized that Art it’s an expression of your life, of what you have inside. It’s not in a Museum or in art school but inside you, every time. So don’t be afraid of talking about art be proud and express yourself in the way you like.
Via a touring exhibition of my recent works, a camera and open, free space, I believe I could engage a real dialogue to bring some new perspectives about the role of the art and its accessibility to all.”

-EFDLT Studio



Pierre Gervois is a media entrepreneur, magazines publisher and producer. He is the Founder and Producer of the interview series “The Face of America”, featuring exclusive interviews of philanthropists, social justice activists, politicians, and artists. He lives in New York and gets his inspiration from the energy and cultural diversity of the city.

“As a privileged person, I have been exposed to art as a children and a teenager, during frequent visits to museums and art galleries. Art has always been part of my life in a natural way, and I realized later in life that art could also be the product of a social and political construction. Nothing was so natural after all. I have also witnessed too many times other privileged persons using art for the sole purpose of maintaining their social status and having a perfect tool to discriminate against other people.

It’s an honor for me to produce #Americart2019 and show that art and culture have always been -and still are- an essential part of the American society’s fabric, everywhere, in large and small cities. Today, in times of bitter political divisions, art practice brings everyone together and showcasing local arts and cultural initiatives is, to me, a civic duty.”

-Pierre Gervois



Mentored by legendary filmmaker, the late Albert Maysles, Diana Quiñones Rivera started her filmmaking career in 2006. One of her documentary films, It’s a Feeling, Dancing with Jeff Selby was screened at the Dance on Camera Film Festival at Lincoln Center in 2014 and at the Cinédanse Film Festival in Quebec in 2015. She completed a fellowship with Kartemquin Film’s Diverse Voices in Docs in 2016. The same year, Quiñones Rivera directed the music video for Zeshan B's Cryin' In The Streets. The video premiered in 2017 and was featured in Rolling Stone magazine, American Songwriter, Impose magazine and the Chicago Reader. In 2017, Quiñones Rivera screened the first episode of her doc-series, Darling Shear, at the NewFest Film Festival in New York City and the DuSable Museum of Chicago. The first season of Darling Shear is distributed online by OTV since 2018. She obtained a B.A. in Film and Literature at University of Puerto Rico and a Post Graduate certificate in Filmmaking at London Film School.

"My motivation for a being a part of #Americart2019 is related to my great interest in connecting with people from different walks of life and sharing stories of our own journeys into self expression. Everyone has a way they’ve interacted with art and I believe we’ve all been makers, be it through drawing as a kid, doing amateur photography, woodworking for the family business or taking a ceramics class. Consequently, if we can perceive and work with color, shape and form, we must have thoughts on how they all move us."

-Diana Quinones Rivera



Growing up filmmaking has always been a way for me to speak and help others speak and tell their stories through a visual language. I've been at this for the past 10 years and continue to hone myself to not only be a better filmmaker but a better person as a whole. I've been blessed and honored to have worked on great socially aware documentaries such as "The Trayvon Martin Documentary", Hulu Original Doc "Fyre Fraud", "Time A Kalief Browder Story" and a slew of other Narrative and Non Narrative works.

“My Motivation for being a part of #Americart2019 is to help show the people that art isn't always what the world might think it looks like and everyone's an artist in their own right.”

-Tyler Stone